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I don't surrender ships
dæphne - Family Vacation (Boston, Massachusetts)


Who It Is: dæphne - Family Vacation; Self-Released (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Whirr, Nothing, Carissa’s Wierd


But what is emo, anyway? A philosophy? A genre? An exclusive Internet clique? Sometimes, it’s all three and more, but for the sake of talking about Boston, Massachusetts quintet dæphne, this reviewer is going to postulate that emo is a combination of song structure and tone. Emo songs have peaks and valleys; they are a mix of cathartic high points and the building-to and retreating-from these climaxes. And, in general, emo is, for financial or aesthetic reasons, mixed like punk. Guitars are loud and distorted. Voices crack. Drummers struggle to be heard.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicinvisiblesummer's board swallowed whole by the unforgiving Atlantic.

"   I will bleed for better reasons this year.   "
Y.Z, An eight word resolution  (via screeches)

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Photos of my friends in Boston, doing their thing. For the whole album you can head over to my flickr, here.

my roomates and friends!


Inhale, Exhale

Caleb Kaiser, May 2014


oh, Sam